Bike: Honda cb350
Owner: Shana

Guest Photographer: @eastofnormal
Location: NYC, NY


Christopher Henry wasn’t meant to be the name of this build. In fact, it is the name of its builder. When Shana bought the bike at Jane Motorcycles and saw the insignia on the tank, she let it ride.

Mechanically Sound

By now, I’ve driven my fair share of builds. Old bikes need love, patience. It is an ongoing conversation and a labor of love. Yet I have never driven a build so mechanically sound. Perhaps it is the fact that Mr. Henry was a Ducati tech for what some describe as a lifetime, but it holds true that this cb350 is as reliable and tuned beyond what is expected.

Tricks n’ Knicks

The ignition has been deleted and has a hidden start. I drove it around for 5 days and I loved this feature.

The rear seat cowl is no cowl at all. It is a fender that came off an old vespa.

Save the brake light and headlamp, this is a bicycle with an engine as far as electronics are concerned. Just the way I like it.

The sound of the exhaust is a perfect tone. Not too deep, but deep enough.

Overall thoughts:

The most mechanically sound vintage cafe racer I’ve ever driven.


Post Disclaimer: I’m not a billboard, nor do I get paid for reviewing these brands. I wear what I wear. I mention them only to anticipate the questions of where everything is from. I’ll let you know if that ever changes and I become like Roger Federer.

I like this suit. It’s quite comfortable. It’s a really well made piece. The fabric is beautiful. Dormeuil. If you don’t know what that name means, that’s perfectly alright. Just google it now and come back.

The man behind the design of this suit is Duncan Quinn. Mr. Quinn is a stylish man, having opened one of the first Savile Row style shops in NYC he’s enjoyed enough coverage to have some kind of underground following.

He comes across as a man’s man (he did block me on instagram, a grade school move I wouldn’t dream the likes of Steve McQueen doing, but to each his own).


Shirt: Sproos | Great fit for RTW, best value for those of you on a budget.

Shoes: Church’s | Good leather

Suit: Duncan Quinn | Pinstripe

Gloves: Dents

Eyewear: DiRocco | Carbon fiber eyewear, need I say more?

Watch: Rolex

Edit/Update: The owner recently reached out and told me she is selling the bike due to a lifestyle change. If you’re interested, send me an email to and I’ll put you in touch.